Introducing the Tacticians: Adam Youngs, Customer Success Manager

Lucy Talbot · April 08, 2022

This is the third in our series of team interviews showcasing the talent at Tactic. We are a unique and talented bunch (in our unbiased opinion!), spread around 7 countries and counting. We think the world deserves to meet the personalities who, from Monday to Friday, are typically found building a new category of data automation. Adam joined us in March this year and brings valuable customer success experience from the corporate, travel, tech, and corporate-travel-tech worlds! He’s our customer-onboarder-in-chief making it easier every day for people to get the most out of Tactic. Get to know him a little better below.

Hi Adam! What’s your job?

My job is Customer Success Manager - what that basically involves is making sure our customers are happy, making sure we’re working on our mutual goals together. Moving them towards their milestones, helping them achieve what they want to achieve through using the product. So in order to do this well I need to learn about the customers: their priorities, how they operate, where Tactic fits into their work and goals. And I relay that back to my colleagues here so that we’re always making sure the product is growing in a way that helps the customers achieve success.

Adam Youngs, Customer Success
Adam Youngs, Customer Success

Pretty cool job. And it looks like you have a good set-up too - where do you work from?

I’m actually working from a shed at the bottom of my garden! Having young kids meant the end of having a home office, until I did some DIY to get this space together.

It looks very pro. What experience or ambition led to you working for a startup or startups?

Well, this is my first startup - my first job remotely near startup status. I used to work in corporate travel, dealing with companies’ business travel programs, and then five years ago I moved to Egencia (Expedia’s sister brand) which was where travel and tech became a dual focus. I was selling a travel product at a tech company, really, and I fell in love with the tech aspect. My goal then became to move more solidly into tech to grow my experience that way. I knew my move further into tech might well be with a startup and I was very intrigued to start talking to Rudy and the team, while looking out for any of the challenges that we associate with startups.

We must have passed the test then! What did you like about Tactic in particular?

Yes - because first and foremost, for me it’s always about the people. When I spoke with Rudy, Jack and Hayley it was clear to me that even though the company is small, there’s the formation of a really good culture. I was definitely keen to work with all three of them - I could sense that Tactic has a good outlook, ethos and also a sense of humour. Everyone here is intelligent and driven. So the people were a big part of the appeal for me, and then also the opportunity. I’ve always worked for very big companies with set processes where you don’t really get the freedom to have the level of input that you do in an environment like this. For me, that was both a new challenge and a very appealing prospect.

What are you excited to achieve at Tactic?

There are short-term and long-term answers to this question! Immediately, I’m excited to win our next customers, which is an imminent situation. So I can’t wait to onboard new customers and start putting into practice some frameworks to support this. Longer term, there are bigger topics and strategies to look at; and, of course, being part of a startup it’s great to think about us progressing to the next funding round, seeing growth, expanding the team. So there’s lots to be excited about!

What feature are you most excited about, current or future?

Well, future features are … if not literally ‘limitless’ then pretty close! Who knows what direction we could end up building in. But I’m really excited about the in-product onboarding tools we’ve recently deployed. It’s a big sign we’re growing and addressing how we’re going to scale the fact that we’ve now got users signing up and figuring Tactic out for themselves, which is amazing. And then, for me, it’s also going to be the accessibility features we work on over the coming year. Making the front end more user-friendly, more simple. What Tactic does (in the background, I mean) is insanely complex but in order to be effective the platform has to be as simple as possible for users.

What’s the best part of remote working?

What means a lot to me - especially with young children - is the flexibility in hours. Because I’m customer facing, I do try to approximate a 9-5 framework for most of the week because that’s when customers are available, but it’s amazing to be able to fit in the little things that would be impossible with a commute to an office building. I can wake up early, do an hour’s work while it’s quiet, then do my kids’ morning routine and drop-off, come back and work for the day, do a kids pick-up and finish up a bit more work after. That flexibility is so great as a parent.

That must make a huge difference. If you could work remotely from anywhere in the world for a week, where would it be?

Probably my favourite place in the world is the Scottish Highlands. It would be great to go somewhere up there in the winter, in the middle of nowhere, as long as there was broadband! One day it would be good to live there… Not now as it’s too remote but maybe when I retire. I’m into running, walking, cycling and things like that, and the mountain views would be awesome.

Tell me about your work from home rituals (while I scroll through pictures of the highlands and imagine retiring there as soon as possible)

My normal routine is to be up very early. I tend to do a run after dropping off the kids and before working - it focuses me, gets the endorphins flowing and it’s a good way to start the day. I think when you work from home, especially, it’s good to get out of your space a bit.

Top things to pack for a day working in an office space?

It would be the commute that I’d pack for: headphones and a book.

Any go-to emojis?

Oh not really… I’m limited in my emoji portfolio!

Dogs or cats?


Burgers or hot dogs?


Mac or Windows?

I’m a recent convert to Mac. Love it!

Slack or Zoom?


Film or TV?

TV - I can’t remember the last time I had time to watch a film, but a box set is always a good bet.

City or countryside?

Accessible countryside…

Spring, summer, autumn, winter?


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