NEW: Salesforce, Alerts, Important Questions

Rudy Lai ยท April 01, 2021

In our April release, we focused on enabling users to sync, search, and monitor. Using our new Salesforce integration, you can now sync your pipeline into Tactic, search for people and keywords, and have Tactic continuously monitor for new content related to your pipeline. Here's a breakdown:


CRMs are messy. There is a ton of dirty data, the interface is very slow, and its not designed for collaborative decision making. The common cure is to maintain hundreds of one-off spreadsheets, where you marry data from Salesforce, Google, and LinkedIn. Today, we are releasing our first set of Salesforce integration features:

  1. 1-click connection to any Salesforce instance.
  2. Search, filter, and build custom views of Accounts, Contacts, and Leads in your name or under your team.
  3. Select individual objects (or all of them) to import into any project.


Over long research projects, the last thing you want is to miss an important bit of information. With Alerts, you can now re-run all the searches every 7, 14, or 30 days, ensuring that you never miss an important piece of information on the internet and in your CRM.

Important Questions

Not all information is equal. In most research projects, we want to first perform a wide dive into many different topics, by running a long list of people and keyword searches. Then, you want to focus on a few key aspects and do a deep dive.

Before, you get the top 1-3 results per search term, which sometimes excludes important information.

Today, you can mark search terms as Important, which tells Tactic to show you every result for that search term.

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