Research Automation

Reduce sales and marketing costs

Sales and marketing has never been more important and under more pressure to deliver. We help you drive revenue while running lean and mean.

The Problem

Your team spends time finding information, instead of selling and making campaigns

Innovative GTM teams have large tech stacks, but still rely on ad-hoc list building and self sourcing accounts. You struggle with data from the CRM, sales operations, and 3rd party data vendors seen as untrustworthy and not fit for purpose. This is taking time away from prospecting and putting growth targets at risk.

The Solution

Automate fact finding across sales and marketing

Tactic crunches the entire internet, so that you can automate manual research, consolidate data vendors, and eliminate ad hoc scraping scripts.

Increase sales efficiency

Manually searching for, logging, and evaluating data takes precious time away from sales teams. With thousands of specific search queries automated by Tactic, salespeople can focus solely on reaching and speaking with prospective customers.

Increase marketing ROI

Significant proportions of marketing budgets are lost pouring dollars away advertising to the wrong audience. With smarter targeting, you can invest with comfort knowing your campaigns are being seen by the right people.

Increase trust in data

When different business functions can visualise where data has come from and understand its relevance and context in a user-friendly interface, confidence is built. Get alignment and adoption across sales, marketing, partnerships, and RevOps.

This is how we help

A search engine for everything

You can finally close all your browser tabs, because Tactic will search for insights across the whole web including annual company reports, T&Cs, 'about us' pages, LinkedIn, Zoominfo, nestled PDFs, job posts and more.

Adjustable reports

You can be agile with your data, curating reports from your Tactic results in just a few clicks to have the relevant people and keyword insights to hand while you're on a sales call or designing your outbound messaging.

Set up the next steps

You can set up Tactic to automatically trigger account prioritisation within Salesforce, email campaigns and updates to your call list based on any updates to your insights when you re-run your project.

More Use Cases
Tactic for Marketing
  • Build accurate targeted audiences
  • Increase inbound conversion
  • Launch campaigns with confidence
  • Improve cost per acquisition
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Tactic for RevOps
  • Clean data into viable accounts
  • Expand market with new segments
  • Increase all-bound conversion rate
  • Budget your hiring
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