Why Tactic?

Faster data. Faster iteration. Faster revenue.

Tactic is a faster and more efficient way to iterate on your targeting, timing, and messaging using on internet and people data. The faster you optimise your go-to-market data, the faster you hit your revenue goals.

Why now?

Efficiency is the best answer to uncertainty.

In today's fast changing markets, revenue efficiency is most important. Having the right data is now an urgent issue: data helps reps and marketing dollars go after the right prospects in high fit accounts. It works for both high performing and strugglging reps — and not spending resources on the wrong prospects and audiences is the definition of efficiency.

Why anything?

The right insights enable you to optimise for efficient decisions.

Free flowing capital created a crowded marketplace. In response, revenue leaders invested heavily in data, so that they can understand their buyers and stand out in the market. Cutting edge businesses usually mandate sales and marketing teams to do manual research and data gathering, have a large stack of data vendors, and finally teams of data analysts and interns. Insight is powerful, but it is expensive and a whole new thing to scale.

Why Tactic?

Tactic crunches the entire internet to give you smarter targeting, timing, and messaging.

  • Remove manual research and data entry Customisable and continuous intelligence is our USP: Tactic indexes the entire internet continuously. Specify the data you need for each company/person and Tactic will find and collate at a rate of 10,000+ records/day.
  • Consolidate data vendors Tactic provides account intelligence from firmographics, technology usage, growth, funding, M&A, hiring data to niche data points e.g. “payment methods accepted”, ”net zero targets”, and “cost cutting initiatives”. Prospect Intelligence such as new leadership, podcast appearances, events, interviews, C-level quotes and more. All in one platform!
  • Refocus your data analysts and interns Save time and resources on alignment meetings to get research, review meetings to fix data, and headaches with ad hoc spreadsheets. Stop spinning wheels with data teams producing data that is never used by business users.

Global coverage and multi-lingual

Unlike directories like Zoominfo, we cover any region by leveraging company websites and local news to extract the data you need.

Scalable and flexible

Create in-depth research reports with unlimited detail, enrich CRM records with any number of attributes (at a speed of over 10,000 companies a day).

Salesforce Integration

Deep integration with Salesforce including imports, exports, custom object support, automatic syncing, and flexible field mappings.

Simple & user friendly

Tactic's deep UX research has resulted in an interface that ensures wide and growing adoption across sales, marketing, partnerships, and revops.

Loved by hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500 alike

For sales
“Tactic helps us save 10 hours/rep/week.”

Increase efficiency — save time finding data; spend more time selling

Decrease ramp time — train reps on how to sell, not how to research

Increase pipeline — the right information in CRM = better prospecting

For marketing
“With Tactic, I can iterate on audiences rapidly to try different ideas.”

Increase marketing ROI — smarter targeting increases conversion rates

Decrease time to launch campaigns — save time building audiences

Sales/marketing alignment — all GTM teams acting on the same data

“Tactic enriched 10 attributes on 30,000 accounts for us.”

Enrich with the right data — unlimited selection of data attributes

Improve data quality — continuously extracted intelligence in your CRM

Increase trust in data — visualise where the data came from using UI


  • Salesforce integration — import, exports, and sync
  • Excel/CSV integration — import and exports
  • Web application
  • LinkedIn integration

Security and compliance

  • SOC 2 — coming in Q4
  • Security — dedicated security team, IAM and monitoring
  • Compliance — tools to help with GDPR
  • Privacy — privacy focus and data compliance

White glove customer success

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Implementation, success tracking, and onboarding packages
  • Exec reporting
  • Data consulting services

Backed by world class VCs

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