Research Automation

International expansion

Ramp and enable reps to do the right research, so that they can get the right message to the right person – in every market.

The Problem

Consultative selling is 10x harder when you have different markets, languages, and regulations.

Many businesses are global from day 1. When it comes to international expansion, lots of resources are spent on hiring and compliance, but with no framework for sales and marketing teams to tailor their approach in each local market.

Lower product market fit in a foreign market is often not considered, and leadership relies on individual managers and word of mouth to spread best practice. Performance is inconsistent because teams are moving from one ‘prospecting trick’ to another. Scaling internationally is difficult, and leads to rock bottom sales productivity.

The Solution

Build a data driven playbook for each local market.

Map out target personas and value drivers for each market, and create templates to find them on Tactic. This way, your team can focus on selling using the right information, and not finding the information.

Decrease ramp time

New salespeople waste time figuring out how to find high fit targets in a sea of potential accounts. Instead of training them to be better researchers, focus your energies on training them how to sell your product to your target audience.

Sales/marketing alignment

When data is inaccurate and siloed, different functions develop their own workarounds. The result is different teams targeting different accounts at different times. When all GTM teams have the same data, alignment and ROI increases.

Increase trust in data

Build confidence with Tactic’s data UI: different business functions can visualise where data has come from and understand its relevance. Get crucial alignment and adoption across sales, marketing, and partnerships.

This is how we help

A search engine for everything

You can finally close all your browser tabs, because Tactic will search for insights across the whole web including annual company reports, T&Cs, 'about us' pages, LinkedIn, Zoominfo, nestled PDFs, job posts and more.

Adjustable reports

You can be agile with your data, curating reports from your Tactic results in just a few clicks to have the relevant people and keyword insights to hand while you're on a sales call or designing your outbound messaging.

Set up the next steps

You can set up Tactic to automatically trigger account prioritisation within Salesforce, email campaigns and updates to your call list based on any updates to your insights when you re-run your project.

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  • Launch campaigns with confidence
  • Improve cost per acquisition
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  • Expand market with new segments
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