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Find new signals that predict customer fit, intent and sales potential, so that you can prioritise your entire target market and increase revenue efficiency.

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Data Points


Industry, headquarters, employees, revenue and more, fact-checked against annual reports and press.

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Software and technology usage sourced from website source code, case studies, job postings and more.

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Digital adoption

Usage of cutting edge technologies like 5G, blockchain, artificial intelligence.

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Hiring and jobs

Open roles and their locations, jobs titles, skills and experience requirements.

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Funding types like venture, debt, and grants, how much, when and from which investors

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Team sizes

How big is the sales team? How many people with data science skills? Is there a sustainability officer?

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Team locations

How many people work in Colorado?

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What payment service providers and payment methods do companies accept? In what currencies?

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Operating locations

Where does the company have offices, operate, and ship to?

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☁️ Digital Transformation

How to find digital transformation initiatives

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💬 Executive quotes

Target senior executives by understanding their priorities and challenges

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🔒 Cyber Security

How to find cyber security initiatives

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🤝 Ideal customer profile

Win 68% more by iterating and implementing your ideal customer profile

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🐋 Enterprise SaaS

Quickly understand which companies have the right business model for your offering to be helpful.

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🤳 Self service SaaS

How to find technology companies with a SaaS (software as a service) model

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👁️ Vision, mission and initiatives

How to find vision, mission and initiatives to make account plans quickly

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Use Cases
Prospecting. Developing effective content. Refining and targeting your most valuable marketing segments. Moving your research to Tactic gives you more actionable information for these projects than you could ever manually compile.
Tactic for Sales
  • Find who to call, when, why
  • Collaborate on account plans
  • Identify trends and talking points
  • Perfect your CRM data
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Tactic for Marketing
  • Build accurate targeted audiences
  • Increase inbound conversion
  • Launch campaigns with confidence
  • Improve cost per acquisition
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Tactic for RevOps
  • Clean data into viable accounts
  • Expand market with new segments
  • Increase all-bound conversion rate
  • Budget your hiring
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