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Target senior executives by understanding their priorities and challenges

Data on how CxOs think about their business is key to understanding industry challenges, mapping out use cases, and tailoring outreach. There is nothing more meaningful than a direct quote from an executive. That's a mandate, a promise to do something. This makes it easy for you to tailor your value prop.

Challenges in finding and monitoring for exec quotes

If you have a small list of accounts, you can manually check Google News 1-by-1, and chance on interesting quotes. Maybe you can bear the gigantic volume of emails that Google Alerts gives you. If you have a big list of accounts (e.g. you work in marketing, or SMB sales) - you are outta luck!

Typically, when CxOs are quoted online, its not on the company website itself, but on news websites. They usually cite the name, job title of the person quoted, and the quote itself.

We can use this to help us find quotes at scale, by creating keyword searches for any title we are interested in. For example, here is a project where I put in the common C-level titles, and easily compiled data on what they are saying about their latest funding.

How to find exec quotes at scale with Tactic

  1. Import a list of companies into a new project. This maybe a small list, like your focus for next week, or a gigantic list, like all mid market companies in the UK.

  2. Using keyword searches, create a search for each executive title you are interested in.

    Usually, I add C-level, VPs, and Directors of all the buyer personas I sell to, so that I maxmize my chance of getting something actionable. For example, "CTO", "VP Engineering", and "Director of Engineering".

  3. Get a report on each company and the quotes from their executives, clipped from latest case studies, news articles, and web content. Bonus: you can even prioritise this list of companies by how many quotes Tactic found.

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