Smaller team. Bigger results.

Grow your revenue more efficiently with better target accounts across the world, and more automated go-to-market data.

Give every team the right data to scale revenue efficiently
Automate audience, prospect and customer research across Google, Linkedin, job posts, annual reports and more. Deliver your team higher fit target accounts, a wider range of intent triggers, and deeper insights. Close more deals with less people.
The results speak for themselves
pipeline efficiency
deal size
10+ hrs
saved per rep
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Understand every account in detail
Customisable data helps you capture granular account and prospect attributes to better target your sales, marketing and customer success. Here is how it works.
Customisable data
Learn why revenue teams rely on Tactic
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Safe & Secure

SSL everywhere, database encryption at rest, 100% cloud-based architecture secured behind a VPC, and independent security audits.

SAML single sign-on

Manage employee access at scale with secure single sign-on. Included with our Enterprise Plan.

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