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Introducing Tactic Generate

Written by
Jack Hodkinson
Last Updated
September 05, 2023
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We are making a new AI report builder focused on the fastest time-to-report.

Why? There is no doubt that generative AI is going to transform knowledge work. But when you look at the market landscape, Gen AI tools are either aimed at developers, or are thin wrappers on top of GPT. Chat based interfaces are fun, but require a deep understanding of how AI works to do anything useful.

We think we can do better: deliver a simple user experience that requires no technical understanding, and solve an entire workflow end-to-end. Since 2020, we have been focused on accelerating a common workflow in today’s knowledge work – how people read documents and write emails, reports, decks and more. 

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Knowledge work should be about expertise, creativity and talking to people, but instead highly paid MBAs are wasting time: 

  1. 📚 Reading long documents word by word. Ctrl + F is repetitive and manual. With Tactic Generate, you can import any number of documents from your computer, online, or our integrations (coming soon) and have AI replace your reading.

  2. 🔍 Carefully copy-and-pasting nuggets of information. Not only that, you need to adjust things like dollars to millions, nicknames to proper names, and grammatical mistakes. We enable you to ask questions in plain English to fetch these nuggets (including that hard to find one on p.346!), and specify the format of the answer.

  3. ✍️ Writing takeaways. You’ve read it once, now you need to read it again. Tactic has an AI summarisation feature – you can summarize your findings into key takeaways, summaries, to-do lists, and more.

  4. 🎛️ Adjusting font sizes and formatting. Not everybody is a designer, but presentation matters. With Tactic Generate, you can lay out your analysis in a beautifully designed report, including lots of formatting options for your text blocks, just like Notion.

  5. 📢 Keeping track of versions and writing down how they analyze information. We’re building a platform aimed at collaboration and sharing. Most importantly, we want you to be able to use Tactic Generate to automate how you analyze information and build reports.

We believe that we can do something much more groundbreaking with generative AI. A complete rethink of how you can interact with digital information, modernized for today’s fast paced and overwhelming knowledge work.

Enter our solution: A new AI report builder which lets you control your document layout with a block-wise structure and ask for the content you need in plain English, removing any complexity in analyzing your data or reading underlying documents.

What issues have you had with dealing with reading documents and writing reports? I would love to hear your ideas, experiences, and feedback on any and all of the above.

Please give Tactic Generate a try here.


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