Tactic for Marketing

Optimise your marketing with 10x more insight

Increase campaign effectiveness, maximise ad spend and take advantage of shifting market conditions by automating research on all your data in one place.

Problems we solve for Marketing ↓

Meeting quota is hard when you don't know who to target

Every consumer today expects instant, personalised experiences. Enterprise buyers are no different. To make things worse, B2B buying is becoming more complex, and you need more insight than ever to perfect your targeting and messaging.

Personalise at speed and scale with automated research that delivers relevant insights for any market, segment and account. Spot trends and new pain points on demand. Target them with personalised campaigns faster. And hit your pipeline goals quarter after quarter.

We can fill in the blanks

You could be so much more effective with clear, comparative views of your account data. Blanket campaigns don't work, and are bad for your brand - you don't want prospects annoyed by bad fit messaging. Level up your GTM with Tactic.

Find exact targets to optimise ad spend

Research limitless insights on any company or person to ensure that every ad dollar you spend is targeting an ideal customer.

Increase engagement with personalisation

Get unparalleled intelligence on all the criteria for your ideal customer profile, no matter how niche. Tactic enables personalised and relevant messaging for conversations that convert.

Relevant. Relatable. Real time.

Tactic projects are quick and agile. Jump on new opportunities quickly, searching for the contacts and details you need to make a move, announcement or real-time marketing campaign.

Tactic is for

Strategic Marketing

“I spend large amounts of money with ABM research agencies.”
“It takes me way too long to launch a new campaign.”

Chief Marketing Officers

“ABM is a strategic priority, but we lack the right data to execute.”
“I need more pipeline to get us to the next growth milestone.”

Campaign/audience managers

“I don't have the right data to segment my campaigns.”
“We are wasting ad spend on accounts that will never close.”

The best marketing teams target with precision.

Tactic is built for every member of your marketing team to research, iterate and engage every customer in a relevant way.

Unify data from all sources

You can import account lists from Salesforce with metadata intact, as well as from spreadsheets. You can research your internal data in parallel with any purchased and generated datasets.

Find real, addressable leads

You can use Tactic to automatically research your data points in natural language, to gather data on your ideal customer profile.

Export results in the format you need

You can use filters and sorts to extrapolate your best results into reports of various formats, ready to integrate with your CRM or use with social and campaign-building apps.

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  • Identify trends and talking points
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Tactic for RevOps
  • Clean data into viable accounts
  • Expand market with new segments
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