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In this market, you can't afford to guess. Get customised data on your prospects and scale revenue efficiently.

What is customised data?
Data vendors are one-sized-fits-none. Simple factors like HQ, industry, and headcount are not specific enough to target the right customer.
Tactic enables you to build out customised company data in a few clicks, perfectly matching your unique ideal customers.

How it works

Tactic stores a live copy of the internet, your Salesforce, and 3rd party API data. You can then extract customised data in a few clicks, automating manual research, consolidate data vendors, and eliminate ad hoc scraping.

Tactic unifies many raw data sources company databases, the internet, job postings, annual reports, and more — basically anywhere your customers write about themselves. It saves your team valuable time.

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What Tactic enables

Customisable data helps you capture granular account and prospect attributes to better target your sales, marketing and customer success.

Targeting automation

Better target accounts

Source every account, team, initiative and prospect in your TAM. Clean and enrich them with a customised, unlimited selection of data.

Score, qualify and segment every company on the planet.

Distribute the right segments to the right channel: inbound, outbound, partners, product-led and more.

Replaces self sourcing accounts, ZoomInfo/Crunchbase/BVD, data outsourcing, data quality projects.
Custom industries

Classify companies into any industry you specify. Separate 'SaaS' from 'IT consultancies', 'Banks' from 'Fintech'.

Smart company tags

Tag companies based on their website. Get hyper specific tags like 'NFT marketplace', 'Generative AI'.

Web Answers

Enrich companies with any answer you can Google. Revenue. Market share. Number of customers.


Combine data into useful metrics. % of a company working in software engineering etc.

Engagement automation

Personalise every buyer interaction

Prioritise accounts based on propensity to buy, ACV, triggers and intent.

Engage them using detailed insights on goals, pain points, and initiatives of each prospect.

Close more revenue by building relationships with the entire buying committee and connecting your solution to the buyers' strategy.

Replaces scraping event lists, media monitoring, ABM agencies, manual account plans and maps, territory prioritisation spreadsheets.
Free text triggers

Use free text search to make sales triggers. Find M&A events, new CFOs, and more.

Show the source

Any insight that Tactic surfaces will have a source. You can see exactly where in the raw data did we find your signal.

Single source of intelligence

Put relevant details, contacts, and search results about the company you are engaging on one screen.

Optimisation automation

Apply learnings quickly

Replicate high performing reps and campaigns. Find new attributes and signals to increase win rates and ACV. Deploy findings into your territory plans, marketing strategies and sales tactics.

Accelerates strategic revenue operations projects, territory planning and book building.

Results: why revenue teams choose Tactic

pipeline efficiency
deal size
10+ hrs
saved per rep
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"Tactic is truly an extension of our data capability, and enables us to deliver high quality data to sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships, and more with a small team."
— Jody Clark, Global Vice President of Sales Development
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