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🤝 Ideal customer profile

Win 68% more by iterating and implementing your ideal customer profile

An accurate ideal customer profile is key to identifying the accounts most likely to become high-value customers, and maximizing the ROI on your sales team. The ICP is a critical document that aligns your entire go-to-market.

Challenges in developing an ICP

  • The ICP is developed by gathering and analyzing qualitative and quantitative data. Qualitative data is fragmented across systems inside and outside your company, and difficult to analyze programmatically.
  • The quantitative data you can gather, like firmographic, environmental and behavioral attributes, are often only part of the picture, so your team relies on tribal knowledge to get the rest of the details right.
  • As your company grows, data becomes stale, and you are on a constant mission to find new datasets and get access to data science resources.

How to analyse and implement your ideal customer profile using Tactic

  1. Gather both positive and negative indicators that your team researches to predict a high value customer. Pay attention to differences between regional teams and market segments.
  2. Implement these indicators in Tactic, giving each rep a view of the customer optimised for different stages of the sales process, like outbound, inbound, and discovery.
  3. To continuously iterate on your ideal customer profile, add more indicators as your team finds knowledge gaps in their views. Using CRM data, find which indicators correlate more with ACV and LTV, and use that to drive target account lists and territory planning.
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