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April 2023 New Features

Written by
Rudy Lai
Last Updated
April 25, 2023
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New Account Scoring

We are excited to introduce the latest feature in Tactic: Account Scoring!

With a customizable scoring algorithm that allows you to assign weights to different factors, you can fine-tune your scoring algorithm to align with your sales strategy. You can also use negative weights to penalize less desirable factors.

Our account scoring feature is available globally and supported by our dedicated customer success team, making it easier for you to prioritize high-fit accounts and increase your chances of successful deals.

New Data Points

Social Media Followers: we've expanded our social media data points to include Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram followers for any company and handle. Get a comprehensive view of a company's social media presence all in one place.

Company Founded Year: you can now easily find out when a company was founded. This data point will help you gauge a company's experience and tenure in the market.

Number of Open Roles (Beta) helps you stay informed about a company's hiring activity and growth plans with this valuable data point.

Company Headcount (Beta) get insights into a company's size and scale with this additional data point.

ATS (Application Tracking System) helps you understand a company's hiring process and technology stack.

Company Revenue (Beta): this data point will give you insights into a company's financial performance and growth trajectory.

Data Quality Improvements

  • We have made improvements to the accuracy of the recent funding signal, and increased the data quality for searching keywords and answers within job posts.

  • In addition, we have enhanced the handling of generic company names for better data quality, where the team count metric will now only include the top two brand names.

  • Furthermore, the operating locations data point now includes three regions, sub-regions, and countries, following ISO standards.

New Integration: Hubspot

We’ve launched a seamless integration with Hubspot, a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform. This feature streamlines the process of importing and exporting data between Tactic and Hubspot.

Additionally, both Salesforce and Hubspot integrations now provides more detailed error messages when it encounters issues during data transfer. This improvement enables users to quickly identify and address any errors, ensuring smooth data transfer between the two platforms.

Furthermore, our CRM export feature now allows the selection of multiple CRM fields per tactic field, providing users with greater flexibility and customization options when exporting data from our product to their CRM.

We have also introduced deduplication functionality for accounts against the CRM. If an account has the same name and domain, you can press a button to delete it from the project, helping to maintain data integrity and accuracy.

Lastly, we have included Hubspot IDs in the CSV export, providing users with comprehensive data in their exported files. This enhancement enhances data traceability and analysis, enabling users to gain deeper insights and make informed decisions based on the exported data.

User Experience

  • You can now click on the source URL of a data point in the Account table, allowing for quick access to the original data source.

  • Additionally, Tactic has launched a new data marketplace, for you to find popular firmographic, technographic, and job posting data, and buy premium data from partner sources.

  • To help you better understand your usage and return on investment (ROI), Tactic has introduced usage analytics. This feature provides insights into the activity and performance of Tactic, allowing users to track the effectiveness of their data strategies.

  • We’ve redesigned the Fields menu that offers a clearer and more concise experience for users.

  • You now have new filtering capabilities on the accounts page. For different data points, the system will dynamically determine the available operators and suggest suitable input elements, such as a datepicker, based on the data type of the field being filtered.

  • You can now edit the name of an account, which will now result in a soft deletion of the old account and creation of a new account with the updated name.

  • You now have the new option to copy datapoint searches when duplicating a project, making it easier to replicate data strategies.

  • Tactic has also implemented quotas for datapoint searches, with datapoints grouped together and allocated one credit per group per account. If there are not enough credits available, the system will not run the datapoint, ensuring efficient credit management.

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