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Data point: SaaS Pricing Models

Written by
Hayley Conick
Last Updated
February 21, 2023
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If you target SaaS companies, the killer info is usually on their Pricing Page.


This is where you get the gold: do they have monthly or annual pricing, do they operate a freemium model, what’s their max enterprise tier etc. With this insight, you can segment them, define which products suit them and decide on your approach.

Until today, to get to this crucial insight, sales and revops would need to review each pricing page manually.

Starting today, you can get pricing information for thousands of accounts in one hit.

Let’s say you know a high-fit customer will sell monthly subscriptions of at least £100pm. With Tactic you could segment your account list to only those which match this criteria. Or maybe you have a payment product which is perfect for companies who offer volume pricing. Tactic can tell you which of your targets fit this too.

If you know, for example, that your biggest deals come from fast-growth SaaS companies who sell to enterprises with annual contracts over $10,000 and that they are most likely to buy in the year after hiring a new CFO, Tactic is can now give you all that information, for all of your accounts.

This means you can instantly understand whether an account is high fit, whether there is propensity to buy - and how big the deal might be. Now your sales team can prioritise their efforts towards your highest fit customers.


Technical details

Questions supported:

  • Do they have annual/monthly pricing?

  • Do they have volume-based/enterprise pricing?

  • What is the highest/lowest pricing plan?

  • Which currency are their plans in?

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