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Introducing the Tacticians: Daniel Samanliev, Software Engineer

Written by
Lucy Talbot
Last Updated
July 20, 2022
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Hi Daniel! What’s your job? 

I started out as a Data Labeller. I was looking for a job in programming, using C# which is the first language I learned. While I was labelling for Tactic, I ended up writing some script in my browser to help with the job - mostly hotkeys and other shortcuts. I showed the work to Rudy and Jack and they offered for me to implement my script into the app itself! I transitioned into working as a front-end Engineer a little over a year ago. I’ve learned a lot, especially working with my colleague Augustas.

Did you always want to work for a startup?

It wasn’t necessarily part of the plan, I think I was quite open, but now that I’ve been here a good while I really appreciate the benefits of a small team where everyone is constantly learning and supporting each other. I’ve been able to set some professional development goals just from seeing what everyone else can do and what their interests are. So it’s a great setting for me. And I’m really pleased to work for Tactic specifically, among startups. Seeing customers using features I built is so gratifying, and the enterprise data product is really unique in the way we’re building it. 

What are you excited to achieve at Tactic?

It’s still early in my career and I get a lot of support from the team and Jack to think about what I want to work on and explore. So there are a few things I want to achieve that I think are possible in the near future. Something I really like working on, and would like to do more, is developing APIs. It helps me learn about the data we get from AI and other cool systems, and the more APIs we have, the more integrated the product is so it makes Tactic more interesting and valuable for our customers. Automation is my favourite field to work in, so learning new things and achieving scaled automation is really fun. 

What feature are you most excited about, current or future?

I think when we launch a second version of the in-app analytics, that will be awesome for our users. It will allow team leads and other managers to help their teams use Tactic for the best results possible, and in turn that will help us develop the product - we’ll all keep improving! I’m looking forward to optimising the analytics more.

What are your work from home rituals?

These days I work from an office in my house, which is nice. I make sure I don’t work, do hobbies and sleep all in the same room - it’s important for your health. So work and hobbies are separate from sleep, space-wise. I like to get up and go for a walk every morning before work as if I was commuting to an office. It helps me start the day well. 

Background music is important to me. I like to listen to rock - often Japanese rock - while I’m working, especially if I need to concentrate and have something block out the silence and background noise in my space. 

Go-to emojis on Slack?

The thumbs up button - simple and effective!

How do you switch off from work mode in the evenings and weekends?

A couple of things. On weekday evenings I really like looking up recipes and cooking to decompress. I’m a fan of Japanese cuisine (and Japanese culture in general) and I bought a rice cooker so I could experiment with different recipes. 

Another thing I really enjoy is videogame modding. I’d like to start doing it for multiplayer games. At the moment I’ve made some mods for some popular streamers and found it really fun and creative. 

If you could work remotely from anywhere in the world for a week, where would it be?

Japan. In particular, I’d like to spend time in the Japanese countryside where it seems very beautiful, peaceful and respectful. I’m very interested in the architecture of the Shinto shrines and it would be cool to visit them, hear some Japanese rock, eat some good food and read some manga! In Bulgaria there isn’t a great manga selection available. 

Dogs or cats?

Cats - I have one called Sami.

Burgers or hot dogs?

Burgers, I think… more versatile.

Mac or Windows?


Slack or Zoom?


Film or TV?

Short TV episodes, like anime, suit me best.

City or countryside?

Countryside, anywhere peaceful. 

Spring, summer, autumn, winter?

I like autumn - the weather gets cosier without being super cold.

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