NEW: Product release - email notifications

Tom Dwyer · April 07, 2022

We’re designing Tactic with the goal of reducing the movement users need to make between the apps in your stack, and part of that is being particular about how we contact you outside of the Tactic interface.

These days, no one wants to hang out in their inbox more than necessary or receive non-actionable email communications. In order to make our email notifications as efficient for you as possible, we’ve made some changes as follows:

Release: hear from us when it matters

We used to send email notifications at one time of day only: first thing in the morning. They would go out if Tactic had found new insights in a project, even if the project hadn’t finished running. (You may have noticed this if you tend to run particularly long accounts lists!)

From now on, we’ll just notify you over email in real-time, once your projects have finished running. 

Building a responsive system is a pillar for us, and this is a step in a great direction for users to get the most out of Tactic.

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