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NEW remote, e-commerce, growth data points

Written by
Rudy Lai
Last Updated
June 05, 2023
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Hello, Tactic friends! Here are the latest product updates. If targeting and personalisation are top of mind, let’s catch up.

New features


Scoring model library

With Tactic's latest feature, you can effortlessly copy sort, filter, and score settings when duplicating data projects. This means the meticulously developed scoring algorithms that identify high-value prospects can be saved as templates, ensuring consistent lead qualification across projects. It's a significant time-saver that boosts the efficiency and uniformity of your go-to-market planning process.

Automatic Export

Tactic's new feature auto-exports completed research to your CRM, enriching data continuously. Paired with auto-refresh, it enables dynamic targeting, real-time strategy adjustments, and more responsive GTM planning.

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New data points


For HR/Remote tools: remote hiring countries, operating locations upgrade, supported languages

New insights for HR and remote/employer-of-record vendors, highlighting where companies are hiring remotely and their active markets. New data points on supported languages on a target account’s marketing website, shedding light on a firm's global reach and localization strategy.

Ultimate Parent and Subsidiaries

You can now see the ultimate parent of a company, and a list of subsidiaries. Understanding an enterprise's parent-subsidiary structure, like Vodafone's, sharpens your prospecting strategy. It aids account mapping, highlights cross-sell opportunities, tailors your approach to each subsidiary's unique needs, and guides you to the right contacts.

New executives + headcount growth

We now have a data point to show new executives hired in the last 3 months. Also, headcount growth data shows the change in headcount of a company over different periods of time. 3 months, 6 months, 12 months. Currently, we show you whether it was ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ during that period.

Everybody should use these in their personalisation and targeting strategies. For example, if you are a contract lifecycle management vendor, the more people there are the more likely there is contract complexity.

Upgraded Headcount Data on Country and Team Level

This provides a more detailed breakdown of a company's workforce by team (e.g. engineering, legal, sales) and by country (e.g. Germany, Japan, Brazil)

For e-commerce: Average Order Value (AOV)

We can now look at the prices of products on target accounts that is an e-commerce store (on Shopify, for example) – and show you the average price. This helps you understand the average order value of your prospects, particularly useful if you sell BNPL or e-commerce solutions.

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  • Operating locations V2 (improved accuracy)

  • HubSpot Sync

  • ISO Country Rendering for Country Data Points (instead of showing country iso code we show the actual country name)

  • Website Subpage Search (this was previously feature flagged)

  • Default collapse all Data Marketplace sections (minor UX tweak)

  • Discoverable Orgs (when you sign up you can make your org discoverable instead of having CS/devs do it)

  • Move Templates to lefthand sidebar (minor UX tweak)

  • Change “cog” to “Settings” (minor UX tweak)

  • Filtered account count display (show the number of accounts that match the current filters in the account table)

  • Don’t show skeleton for the People table if there were no people searches in the latest run (ux bugfix)

  • Pinning Account Table Headers (minor UX tweak)

  • Datapoint: URL is accessible (new datapoint!)

  • LinkedIn Basics (improved accuracy on headquarters, headcount, industry)

  • Data Marketplace Descriptions (new help centre link from in-app)

  • Add Incremental Run for Data Points (faster and more efficient preset data point search!)

  • Datapoint: Supported languages (new data point telling you the supported languages on a website)

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