QuantCopy becomes Tactic

Rudy Lai · February 08, 2022

​​Two years ago, Jack and I set out to help enterprises get the right data to power the right decisions. As our vision evolved, it was time for a new brand. Today, we are proud to announce our new name:


Why Tactic? First off, we like what it implies: a “tacktick” is a nautical tool used for navigation. It provides the correct information for a captain to steer a ship to their destination. It comes from the Greek taktos, meaning ordered or arranged. And, of course, a tactic in ordinary use is a strategic action that leads to a specific goal, which reflects the superpower that we give our customers.

Riffing on this theme, our customers have been our north star from day one. Over the last two years, they have told us that getting the correct information to devise the best business strategies is tricky and time-consuming, especially when the data they need is buried within unstructured text, webpages, and documents.

This is a perpetual challenge for sales and marketing teams in particular. Today, their solutions are limited and clunky: they buy contact, intent and account data, then sales reps and marketing managers perform ad hoc research. Once in a blue moon, companies invest in a data science solution for a specific but highly valuable set of data points.

Whichever way you cut it, there is no seamless solution. That’s where Tactic comes in. Tactic’s technology and interface allow you to pivot your research as business requirements change, to continually specify your data needs, and to collaborate with your immediate and wider teams with just one click.

How does Tactic solve this?

  • Using search engine technology (think Google, but for the internet AND your data) – you can have a quick, scalable way to extract data from unstructured text and documents.
  • A powerful question answering system (like Siri but less guesswork) to surface specific data points for your business
  • An intuitive UI that helps you specify what you need, without relying on long emails, cumbersome spreadsheets or DIY coding.
  • A feedback loop that captures the ROI of each insight continuously, combining your feedback and business metrics (e.g. what data powered the biggest deals?)

If you’d like to join us in helping hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500s solve this problem, and work on cutting edge machine learning applied to planet-scale data, we are hiring across the board at Tactic. Come help us steer this ship! (last pun, we promise!)

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