NEW: Product release - Salesforce Sync

Tom Dwyer · April 04, 2022

Whether you’re a salesperson or marketer, researching your target accounts and connecting with the right people is key to the success of your top-line strategy. Until now, importing your accounts from Salesforce was a manual process in Tactic, slowing down the rhythm of your go-to-market work.

At the end of last week we released the hotly anticipated first iteration of our Salesforce Sync integration, making that two-way contacts sync step automatic and seamless. This integration has been in the works for a while, and we’re excited to see how making Tactic an even more seamless step in your stack will impact your success.

Your data is now at your fingertips, without even having to leave your CRM. You can finally close all those browser tabs and get going with your call list!

Release: Salesforce Sync Goes Live!

For many salespeople and marketers, Salesforce is the foundation of their day-to-day workflows. Tactic already supports importing accounts from Salesforce. With our latest update, you can now enable Salesforce Sync on a project, set the criteria on which accounts to pull in and it will automatically import your newly assigned accounts from Salesforce into Tactic. You can choose to import these accounts along with their text-based fields, for greater context.

By eliminating the need to manually import accounts one at a time or in small batches, we’ve given you more time to digest the insights we find for you. Accounts in Tactic that are synced will display a backlink to their Salesforce records so you can flip between the two programs as needed and identify the source of these objects.

Note: Salesforce Sync looks for new accounts every 5 minutes and can only pull accounts from Salesforce if they have a URL attached. Salesforce Sync can only be enabled for a main project owner’s account. Co-owners can duplicate a project, then sync the copy to their own Salesforce if needed.

More to come

We’re always working to make Tactic an intuitive and integral part of your stack, so you can turn your data into good data. Whether you use Tactic daily, or you are looking to get started, we always welcome your feedback and questions so we can ensure Tactic is helping to solve your data problems.

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