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Use cases
Designed for people who have too much to read
Research Analysts
Sales & marketing

Read every email and attend every meeting

Your team, customers and investors send you notes and decks every day. Stay on top of the information overload and focus on the right problems to solve.

Import docs and decks

Import presentations, contracts, decks, meeting notes — any sort of communication thrown your way.

Find, summarize, prioritize

Surface contextual highlights and key answers relevant to your business, interpret the data, and then summarize next steps.

Lead with data

Share your analysis in an interactive reports with your team to drive the right priorities and focus your company.

Import all of your unstructured documents

Use Tactic projects to organise and analyse text data from any source, including news, Google, PDFs, webpages, APIs, customer conversations, product feedback, market research, and more.

Get the right answers, in the right format

Powerful ways to ask specific questions and get formatted answers. Think SQL for unstructured data.

Cross reference multiple documents
Summarise your findings
Design the perfect report

Markdown support, just like Notion.

Share and publish your work

Click a button, and transform your notebook into beautifully designed tables and reports, so that you can show off your work and drive action in your team.

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  • Each visual can have up to 5 questions
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Beta product · Free until launch
  • Import 100 documents
  • Build 5 visuals
  • Each visual can have up to 20 questions
  • 1 integration
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  • Unlimited visuals
  • Unlimited questions
  • Bring your own AI
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  • Advanced security and controls
  • Customer success manager
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

ChatGPT is a chatbot, Tactic is an AI app builder Tactic adds end-to-end features like importing data, extracting structure from unstructured information, visualising it, and integrations.

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