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Data Point: Social Followers

Written by
Hayley Conick
Last Updated
February 28, 2023
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It’s always the subjective things that are difficult to quantify: how strong a brand’s presence is for example or how active they are on social media. Yet this detail can be the difference between an average fit for you and a really great one.

We’ve been able to detect social presence for a while. If you know that your ideal customer is active on say LinkedIn and Twitter, you can ask Tactic to search for those icons on a company website.  Thanks to Tactic’s neat ability to read website buttons at scale, this feature saves you hours of mindlessly checking the footers of website pages.

But presence alone doesn’t necessarily equate to popularity. What if you’re selling or marketing a product which is best suited for brands with large followings? Or perhaps you use followers as a proxy for brand influence (which is another factor you know makes prospects more likely to buy).  Researching this is a labour intensive, mind numbing job. You could pay freelancers to do it or just accept that some of your team will spend time looking it up, account by account. Neither is great.

Tactic Social Followers Datapoint Screenshot

Now with Tactic, you can determine the number of Instagram and LinkedIn followers a brand has. You can instantly sort your account lists according to who has the most (or least) social followers. This means you can spend your SDRs’ time (or your marketing budgets) targeting perfect accounts only. Happy Days.


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