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Introducing Roman Gruhn, Strategic Advisor

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September 01, 2022
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Rudy here, I have some exciting news I wanted to share immediately - please meet Roman who is a Strategic Advisor for Tactic.

In a startup journey, meeting people, especially those who are obsessed about solving the same problems as you, is definitely the part I love most. When you are trying to solve a large, deeply complex problem like finding and summarizing the world’s information, it is a rare privilege to meet another person who is not only an expert in this field but has solved it in a different context. Working with Roman is one of these rare moments.

I was introduced to Roman in 2020, when Tactic was still a bunch of slides and a prototype. We were fortunate to have customers but an extremely janky MVP – we were essentially selling compiled reports on Google Docs and Sheets.

We started talking about terrace decor (it was the start of Covid after all) and before I knew it we were deep in the weeds of the technicalities of parsing complex, unstructured documents; enabling non-technical users to search for information in these documents; and summarizing the findings into an actionable format.

Like me, Roman comes from a computer science background, and when we first met, he was the Chief of Staff to one of the most experienced Chief Revenue Officers in Enterprise sales – which gives you an inkling of his experience in this arena.

I will never forget the example question that underpinned our discussion – can Tactic answer whether Tim Cook likes veggie burgers? To this day, this question serves as a great ice breaker on sales calls. 

After our first call, we checked in regularly, and Roman has always been generous with his time and advice. Roman then moved into sales operations and became VP Sales Technology & Operations at MongoDB. Looking back now, it was particularly impactful for us because we really didn’t know what we were doing, and were trying our best to hack through a formless, early stage market.

Fast forward to 2022. Many of the ideas that Roman and I discussed, including Salesforce integrations, highlighting key terms like important people, and more, have been shipped and are used by live users to go-to-market. I am incredibly excited for what else is to come.

Welcome Roman!


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