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Tactic vs. 6sense

Written by
Rudy Lai
Last Updated
June 21, 2023
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Why companies choose Tactic over 6sense

There are so many factors that affect your go-to-market success. The key is to focus on the right targets. To do that, you need to make the right decision on every level, from choosing the right markets and verticals, to understanding who to call, when and why.

In simple terms, Tactic enables you to make the right call for every aspect of your go-to-market: every stage of your go-to-market journey, in every level of the market. 6sense shows you whether a prospect has read a particular webpage.

AI for every stage of your go-to-market journey


Tactic Use Case

6sense Use Case


GTM planning, target accounts


ABM, demand generation campaigns, inbound account prioritisation

Intent Data


Research automation, personalisation insights, deal preparation

Sales notifications

Customer Success

Upsell scoring, customer monitoring


Partner list building, partnership outreach insights

AI for every level of the market



Right market

Understand TAM globally based on custom ideal customer criteria

Right vertical

Customisable industry/vertical classification, discover new verticals

Right account

1000+ attributes to understand fit, replicating how your top reps research the market

Companies researching topics in your market

Right person

Podcasts, interviews, quotes on key executives

People reading relevant content

Right time

Configurable sales triggers like headcount growth, hiring, new offices, new execs and more

Intent data

Right message

Automated Googling to find relevant snippets that enable hypertargeted messages

If you are reading this, you might be struggling with

You can’t use intent data in your messaging

Nobody likes to hear that their browser history is up for sale. As concerns for privacy grows, it gets more and more challenging to explain why you are calling.

Your sales team complains about bad territories

Intent is just a part of the picture. It doesn’t help you with territory management, prospect research, and meeting prep.

You are in a new category

If prospects are not aware of the problem you solve, how can they reveal intent?

You are running out of budget

You already hired a sales team. You can’t afford putting big marketing dollars behind them to get them website visitors who show intent.

Outbound is both your biggest and most difficult channel

The art of outbound is about creating demand. Intent only captures existing demand.

6sense sounds like a big commitment

Tactic’s flexible pricing makes it easy to start & grow. We have a plug-and-play setup, including 1 click integrations with Salesforce and Hubspot. Customers typically see ROI within the first week.

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