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New Data Point: Funding

Written by
Hayley Conick
Last Updated
March 09, 2023
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When Tactic announced our seed round from Index Ventures this time last year, we got a lot of “Congratulations! Are you interested in X?” emails.

There’s a very good reason for this. Funding is a critical trigger and one of the best signals around for propensity to purchase new products. For many of our customers, it’s a virtual guarantee that a business is high potential, fast-growth and ready to buy. Knowing who’s raised and when, is a distinct competitive advantage.

Google Alerts and TechCrunch are great sources for this but if you’re looking after more than a handful of accounts it’s impossible to keep track of your entire book.

Tactic can now tell you, for every account, when a company last raised, the type of round (Seed, A, B, C etc) and of course how much. We’ll also give you the lead investors. And we’ll give you the link to where we found the information.

If you use triggers around growth and funding to figure out who to call - or where to spend your marketing dollars, talk to us. We can save you a lot of time.


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