A data marketplace for your entire customer lifecycle.

Deliver more personalised buyer experiences and free up your data team queries with our customisable data platform.

Continuously optimise your targeting, timing and messaging.

Increase your revenue efficiency with an end-to-end optimisation of your targeting, timing and messaging. Get more of the right data, in the right format in your CRM. Streamline manual steps, consolidate tools and reduce data costs.

Go-to-market strategy

Research every company and prospect to understand your addressable market. Understand opportunity size and addressable market. Score and prioritize each company. Automate internet and people research on every company in a market.


Detailed, customised target account and people research in one click Identify the right accounts for ABM. Understand strategies and initiatives, stakeholders, current technology, spot trends and more in one click.


Build target account lists based on web and people data Find, score and prioritise companies that fit your current ideal customer profile, using granular attributes extracted from web and people data.

Customer Success

Use external signals to identify upsell and renewal opportunities Find and optimise new external triggers that complement product usage analytics. Create 2x more opportunities for upsell by aligning your product with customer goals.


Find more partners aligned with your value proposition Find, score and prioritise partners or potential partners that fit your current go-to-market and value proposition, using granular attributes extracted from web and people data.

Operations & Enablement

Onboard and ramp salespeople faster with data Tactic gives your new hires a library of previous account and prospect research they can use to onboard faster.

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