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Ask real questions, score your results and more

Written by
Rudy Lai
Last Updated
December 02, 2022
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If you haven’t visited us for a while we’ve made some major improvements to get you the results and insights you need, faster than ever. 400x faster in fact. Read more about the latest features below.

Ask a direct question

With our new natural language questioning capability, you can ask Tactic to answer key direct questions about the companies in your account list such as “Who is the CFO?” or “How many employees do X have”? Added Bonus: we’ll pinpoint and highlight the answer to your question for you.

Ask a direct question screenshot
Ask a direct question

See your data your way

By using our full or concise filter you can see everything we’ve found or just the answer you were looking for. Much less reading to do to get to the data you really need.

Understand your results

Let’s say you have a list of payment providers your accounts may use and your ideal ICP uses Stripe. Use our Most Likely answer feature to see how likely each account is to use Stripe versus Klarna, Truelayer or Square. Got a burning yes/no question such as “Are they a SAAS co?” or “Do they have CPO”? Our Yes/- feature can help.

Understand your results

Salesforce Integration

You’ve been able to set up your Salesforce to automatically sync with Tactic for a while but now you can export all your enriched data straight from Tactic into Salesforce.

You can also leverage the list-building power of Salesforce and import the account reports you create there for enhanced enrichment in Tactic. Not a Salesforce user? No worries - you can import and export with a .csv file.

Location Filters

Focus your research on a specific region. Looking into the US arm of a multinational? Use the filter to see the only results from the US.

Social buttons

If, for example, you know that your ideal prospects will be active on LinkedIn and Twitter, you can ask Tactic to search for these icons on company websites.

Get a fit score for your accounts

Tactic can now score your accounts for you. Tell us which keywords and teams best represent your ICP and we can calculate how closely each account matches this profile giving you a fit score, a rank and a tier.

Get a fit score for your accounts

There’s a lot more coming. Watch this space.

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