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Data Point: Market Locations

Written by
Hayley Conick
Last Updated
March 02, 2023
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Location, location, location. Essential for any real estate purpose. Pretty important to know when it comes to segmenting and prioritising the target accounts in your CRM.

Is the HQ in the US? Or EMEA? That'll determine which team takes it. But you don't want to use precious resources Googling that. Maybe you have a product perfect for companies with multiple international offices - you want to know they are in at least three geos to be relevant for you. Shame you don't have that field in Salesforce. Perhaps you want to do some global territory planning and need to segment a very large and messy CRM. How long will take RevOps to assign a country to each?

In short, you need to know where all your target accounts are based but it's going to take a lot of time to get there.

Now Tactic can tell you. Our AI will detect the geographic presence for every target account you have. We can tell you where they are headquartered, how many markets they operate in and which ones.

If you’d like to see it in action, give us a shout.


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