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Tactic Q4 Performance Update

Written by
Jack Hodkinson
Last Updated
October 15, 2022
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2x faster

Tactic is 2x faster.

One detailed report into a company now takes under 30 seconds, and we’ve expanded how consistent we are delivering speed even if there are a ton of users on the platform.

I can write a book about why its faster, but really you should give it a try to see how much faster it is. The main benefit is that you can now really iterate on the data and research that Tactic is giving you. Don’t like the results? Change the searches and go again.

30% more summarised results

When you are finding a ‘nugget’ of information to help you personalise a campaign or a conversation, you want to do that as fast as possible.

We removed some of the visual dead space in our research reports to make our results 30% more concise, on average. This means that any keyword with less relevant results is now grouped at the bottom of each section.

Better ranking with better language understanding, domain rating, and recency

We revamped how we pick the top results for you, so that every piece of data on Tactic is more relevant to you.

We did this in 3 ways:

  1. Better language understanding – when looking for ‘digital transformation initiatives’ for ‘Barclays’, for example, Tactic effectively improved its English skills (via AI + machine learning magic!) to make sure that the data we surface is actually, semantically about a Barclays digital transformation initiative.

  2. Domain ranking – we now look at where the information is from, and cross reference a monthly updated list of ‘trustworthiness’ of that website, and show you results from more trustworthy sources first.

  3. Recency – the more recent the data source, the more relevant we think it is. Simple.

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