Generate target accounts
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Generate new customer insights using AI from web, internal, and 3rd party data in a few clicks. Increase revenue with better targeting, and reduce time spent on research and analysis.

Trusted by hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500
No-code custom AI builder for real time web, CRM, and API scraping
Automate audience, prospect and customer data across Google, Linkedin, job posts, annual reports and more. Deliver your team higher fit target accounts, a wider range of intent triggers, and deeper insights. Close more deals with less people.
10+ hrs
saved per worker
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“The moment we launched, the expectations were exceeded immediately. We had the actual signals we needed that were not available in very generic datasets coming from other tools”
Anastasia Yushkina, Ably
Use cases
Account Targeting
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Sales Intelligence
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Customer + Market Research
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"Tactic is truly an extension of our data capability, and enables us to deliver high quality data to sales, marketing, customer success, partnerships, and more with a small team."
Jody Clark, GoCardless
Better than GPT
When using LLMs to build out a centralised customer data engine, Tactic's models are fine tuned to outperform GPT on build customer 360 profiles.
Multi-step reasoning
Multi source
Knowledge graph based reasoning
Model agnostic
Import everything
Import data everywhere, so that you can predict best fit accounts, upsell candidates, and churn risks. Scrape the internet, upload files, connect your systems like Salesforce, and buy 3rd party data on our data marketplace.
Simple UX
Easy to use and proven UX that enables users to get structured answers, no coding needed. Get started in hours, not months.
“Tactic has improved the speed at which we source and target the most relevant accounts. It's the only provider that has all the data we need, in an easy to use interface that we can iterate with. Definitely would recommend!”
Romain, Co-founder @ Stackone
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Trusted by hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500
[Tactic is] a tool that replaced 3. We onboarded Tactic as an additional sales intelligence for b2b outbound activities. What really has sparked our interest were the custom Datapoints and Signals that we could set up, unique and tailored for our very technical products at Ably.
Anastasia Yushkina, Marketing & Automation, Ably
With Tactic, we save 10 hours a week per salesperson. Thousands of answers are found, filtered and ranked based on their priorities - so they know where to start.
Jody Clark, VP Sales Development, GoCardless
Tactic helped me save significant time in my prospecting process, by bringing up specific personas and insights that correlate with Brainlab's products and services. It helps me cut right to the chase and focus on the right prospects.
Theresa Amouzou, Account Executive, Brainlabs Digital
Undoubtedly my favourite tool in our tech stack! Tactic helps me automate searches that would normally take me hours, finding relevant merchants that need support with their bank payments. It's cool that we are starting to see the real world use-cases for AI / Chat GPT - and this is a fantastic example!
Tom Ward, Enterprise SDR, GoCardless
Tactic drives our outbound strategy and deep insight into our target accounts, and has been a key piece of technology that helped us scale in the past year.
Andrew Hall, Director of Marketing, Adobe Workfront
We used Tactic for their technographic data internationally. The results outperformed our initial test, which we were happy about.
Manager, Revenue Systems, Leading Sales Tech Unicorn
I really love the product. I have saved countless of hours compared to my legacy data process.
Karl Rafidimanana, Go-To-Market, Elba
With Tactic my research is 5x faster. In a few clicks, I can mine the entire internet for relevant and targeted account actions, combine with my Salesforce data, leading to larger and higher quality pipeline.
George Gilks, Enterprise Sales, Adobe Workfront
We cannot find this data anywhere else, and Tactic enabled us to generate it exactly to our specifications. It is deeply integrated into our go-to-market data strategy and account scoring model.
Manager, Data and Marketing Technology, B2B Fintech
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