Generate target accounts
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Generate new customer insights using AI from web, internal, and 3rd party data in a few clicks. Increase revenue with better targeting, and reduce time spent on research and analysis.

Trusted by hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500
No-code custom AI builder for real time web, CRM, and API scraping
Automate audience, prospect and customer data across Google, Linkedin, job posts, annual reports and more. Deliver your team higher fit target accounts, a wider range of intent triggers, and deeper insights. Close more deals with less people.
10+ hrs
saved per worker
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Use cases
Account Targeting
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Sales Intelligence
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Customer + Market Research
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Better than GPT
When using LLMs to build out a centralised customer data engine, Tactic's models are fine tuned to outperform GPT on build customer 360 profiles.
Multi-step reasoning
Multi source
Knowledge graph based reasoning
Model agnostic
Import everything
Import data everywhere, so that you can predict best fit accounts, upsell candidates, and churn risks. Scrape the internet, upload files, connect your systems like Salesforce, and buy 3rd party data on our data marketplace.
Simple UX
Easy to use and proven UX that enables users to get structured answers, no coding needed. Get started in hours, not months.
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Trusted by hypergrowth startups and Fortune 500
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